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yoga on a citytrip

Valencia in 24 hour, on a citytrip in Valencia or planning to stay for one month? Take your weekly practice to a new location. All reason to explore the city in its full glory.

Practice any sport outdoors and bring your exercise to the next level, at the park or near the sea.

When you want to explore a different city, I can highly recommend trying an outdoor class. Here are the privileges summed up for you: you get to meet new people, it is a fun activity, exercise is healthy, among nature, its spacious, challenging surfaces, smells like flowers or sea. Outdoor Yoga during the daylight or under the moon, with actual sun on your face and breeze through your hair.

Say 'Bye' to the walls and 'Hi' sun while reaching into the open air to move into a gentle Sun Salutation.

Let me tell you about that memorable moment when the atmosphere and gratefulness was just magical. That class surprisingly didn't involve sun. The class started with some dark clouds threatening to approach us in the sky. Since the class was at the park we normally hide for rain under a big tree. Because of the storm we found shelter under a roofed area near. What happened then was very magical. Despite the loud and intense thunderstorm that flew over us and aggressive wind we continued with the sequence and focus maintained. The so called afterglow was amazing and energy high. Everybody felt thankful for being safe and the connection to nature, regardless of all that happend around us we stayed there in our own bubble for the full hour.

Convinced of trying a class or just something new in your neighbourhood? Happy to be here for you. Perhaps the next time we can go for a dip in the sea after a hot summer night class. Or drink a refreshing cold Cerveza with a group of regulars and International people from airbnb!

MUST DO - Maddox tours

My friend Merel from is an experience tour guide in Valencia. She had the guts to start her own tour company in Valencia, YAY! Make sure to book on time, because if you are lucky, you will not regret the experience Merel has carefully organised for your to make your day in Valencia absolutely memorable. Check out her offerings such as a bicycle or tour by foot, local district tour or to see tour all Valencia in a few ours.

She knows the cutest spots and is always in such good humour. You can book your tour on her website directly:

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