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My Yoga Journey - Raw & Real

Let me take you back to a memory of my dance teacher, asking me the question on one of her amazing dance-bootcamps ‘what do you want to be when you grow older’. I thought for a second and told her that I wanted to be just like her.

She was pure energetic spirit. She had a curvy woman’s body, whom she could move entirely. Every week she created challenging choreographies and stories. Katja inspired me as a young woman, she had two jobs, one to work with her mind and another for the body.

Later, after I had gradauted as a designer I started working as a teacher. I was in my mid-twenties and I had the idea that I should have the best time of my life. I wanted to flourish, blossom, feel healthy, happy and ready to conquer the world, but it kept out. With my mother being sick for a long time, I couldn't enjoy life properly and carefree.

The new perspective

Despite that I had a loving partner, many great friends and family, a job and a fine home, there was something missing in my life. I felt restless and in disbalance. I started going to the local gym and tried classes of all kind; Body pump, steps, grid and yoga. After a while I didn’t feel comfortable with the loud music, yelling teachers and heavy weights. I preferred yoga instead, in any style offered.

There was one teacher who gave me a new perspective. During her classes I was able to connect to myself by moving gently on the breath. Her calming voice, music and sequencing made me have goosebumps all over my body. My emotions could move freely. I felt safe to take time and give my emotions space and attention. Because of this healing experience I felt I could handle anything as long as I set my mind to it.

After my mom had passed there was a lot of loss, pain and grief build up inside me. I wanted to be able to feel happy, light and energetic again. To feel me again. The best version of myself whom I experienced from before, when I was studying abroad in Belgium and Canada. I felt free and happiness.

Yoga gave me the ability to let go of the past. I realized that life is short, to feel like a victim and just let time pass by. A little seed was planted and I had to spread my wings and go out into the world to find my happiness.

The shift

I quit my job, relationship, sold the car and packed all of my belongings into 10 boxes plus a snowboard and a bicycle. I took off with a backpack into the world, working for an NGO on a tiny Island. I knew this would be the start of a long journey and a new beginning.

I’ll never forget the instant feeling of pure freedom when I stepped out of the plain into the sun. A ton of weight dropped off my shoulders. I did it! I had just taken the first step to follow my dream, to go on an adventure and live my full potential.

Living in a country with a Mediterranean climate changed my lifestyle completely. My diet shifted from an everyday meat eater to being a vegetarian, except for when I went to a restaurant. I had a daily routine of YouTube- and outdoor yogaclasses; I went from binge watching series to afternoon sunset walks and swims in my spare time. Soon I saw my body transform. I became stronger, flexible, fitter and had way more energy.

I started practicing sports to gain a stronger physical body. After my body became stronger, my mind followed, self-discipline increased, I felt happiness expanding and endless energy. I experienced many emotions and felt that I could choose the ones I wanted to pay attention to.

I became more resilient. It liberated my mind to feel fit in my body.

the transformation

After the tiny island adventure I stopped on another island for a while and took off to finally make a trip around the world. During my travels I took yoga classes with many teachers in different styles, countries and places. I learned to listen to my inner guide.

When I came back to Europe I celebrated the ending of my travelling life with a long desired yoga teacher training and I started teaching in a surf camp on Tenerife. I developed my style and created themed classes. Along the way I have met some pretty awesome people.

Back in Holland I kept on teaching in a place where I had the freedom to create my own schedule and classes. During covid I teached online and developed chakra series of classes. I struggled living under the clouds and I found the courage to move abroad again, for good. At this time, I sadly had lost both of my parents and I knew it was time for me to go again.

the power of meditation

In July 2020, I moved to Spain permanently and here I am sharing my story with you. Day by day trying to become one step closer to live my full potential and realise my dreams. Here in Spain I discovered the true power of meditation and affirmation. I am able to maintain a regular yoga practice and meditate shortly on a daily basis. The sea is near, the parks in Valencia are amazing and the sun is either burning or showing up soon. I love my life and everything in it.

I want to thank you for taking the time to get to know me better. I hope you feel inspired and encouraged to try something new and tune into your gut feeling, act upon them, enjoy the moment and live a happy and fulfilling life.

It would be great to meet you and have you BOOK A CLASS. Keep up the good spirit and see you on the mat.

Love and light are coming your way,


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