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Branding & Design
Your ideas made visual. 


Meet Veerle

Branding designer from the Netherlands based in Valencia. Design is the core business of Vedeyo. As a graphic designer & brand builder I create content for businesses & personal use. Let's work together and visualize your story with a design that is future-proof.

What I do

Design that reflects your
style & vision.


I believe that good design has powerful storytelling. Therefore I choose to create designs based on a concept, to make the design and branding durable and future proof. 

Every design has a purpose. I love to be challenged to find a way to communicate your ideas worth telling.

Project,  The Concept Store is a good example of branding products. 


YES, I love to design for print!

Being able to create something tangible, feel the hand picked material, brings design to the next level. Think of books, magazines, business cards, wedding invitations, posters, labels, t-shirts, you name it!

Take a look at the YOURS project to see a beautiful example of well thought through design for print. 


Digital design like websites & photography is such a feast! Webdesign goes hand in hand with branding. Expressing your  identity online is so important for your visibility, strategy and credibility. 

The Olingo Academy project asked me to brand and design their dark mode website. They wanted to stand out  in a world full of language schools in Valencia. 

free session

Do you have a story worth telling? 

Share your ideas in an inspiring sparring session  - for free -. Together we figure out what it takes to visualise & realise your ideas! Click on the ‘let's meet’ button and send me a message describing your request. Schedule a 30-minute session, in Valencia or video call.


Design based on
the foundation of your
Branding & Identity.

Share your experience about vedeyo with the link. Spread the word!

It was a pleasure collaborating with Veerle! She's creative and passionate about everything she does. She's both friendly and professional.