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All about 

Branding Designer
& Yoga Teacher

My name is Veerle van Werde, founder of Vedeyo. Based in Valencia, Spain. I work with people from all over the world creating brands and designs for businesses & personal use. I love teaching yoga outdoor in Valencia. Yoga for Any Body, I provide classes in Dutch, English & Spanish. 
My story

My Story

My traveling itch had grown up to the point of no return. So I decided to act upon it.

From an early age on, I expressed myself in a creative way. Experimenting with various arts and craft techniques learning skills like; screen printing, storytelling, ceramics, book binding. It wasn't surprising that I became an art-student and graduated in 2009 as graphic designer and in 2010 as branding & packaging designer.

My career began working as in house designer & visual communication teacher. Through my curiosity, I discovered my traveling itch had grown up to a point of no return. I decided to act upon it and explore the world. I went abroad to work for an NGO as media designer & photography teacher in Malta and Iceland. 
I travelled to many more countries for two years and practiced various yoga styles with many teachers. To celebrate the ending of my traveling lifestyle, I treated myself to a yoga teacher training in France. I started teaching yoga in Tenerife and developed my yoga style and explored the creativity of the body to later combine this with my design profession.

I chased my dream and the sun, which brought me here to Valencia. For me, teaching yoga and design for people from around the world is what I love doing. 

What is it that you love doing? I am curious to hear your story, feel welcome to drop me a message.

Together we build the design that matches your style & vision.

Why Vedeyo

Do what you love, love what you do

When you've found your life's purpose you become an inspiration and abundance of empowering energy. This is how I feel when I do what I love. 

Yoga for Any Body
in Valencia

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